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Home Heating System Installation & Service

Heating System Repair Service

Our expert technicians at Sierra Air Mechanical are pleased to provide home heating system installation, maintenance, service, and repair to GTA residents. Our technicians are all fully licensed and bonded, and dedicated to providing professional service to fulfill any of your home heating needs.

A properly functioning home heating system is absolutely essential to surviving a Canadian winter. By choosing Sierra Air, you can be assured that from the very first step of installation you will be getting expert and professional home heating service. We can also work with you to create a heating maintenance program, in order to ensure your home remains comfortable, and energy-efficient.

If you are unsure of what the best heating solution for your home is, our technicians can help you determine which heating system is the best for your space. We offer boiler, furnace, and in-floor heating installation and maintenance. We are also available year-round, round-the-clock to assist in any repairs.

Heating System Maintenance

Scheduling regular home heating maintenance can save you money over time, as repairs to a neglected heating system can be costly. Regular maintenance also means that you can ensure more energy-efficiency, therefore lower heating costs, as well as excellent air quality in your home.

Residential heating problems are usually seasonal, and heating systems often need extra maintenance after being shut off all summer. Common home heating maintenance problems include:

  • Loss of heat: You can lose power to your heating system due to a power outage, or an issue with the fuses. However, if the rest of your appliances are receiving power and working, it may be a specific issue with your pilot light or ignition system.
  • Uneven airflow: Over time, your heating filter or blower can become dirty or blocked. This can cause air to become trapped, and to heat up too quickly, which makes the furnace shut off. Regular maintenance and filter replacement can prevent this issue.
  • Uneven temperatures: If your heating is running fine, but some rooms still won’t heat up properly it may mean you have a draft, or other air circulation problems. This can be a huge waste of energy, as well as driving your heating costs up. If you can’t find the draft yourself, our experts can help you. Alternately, uneven temperatures may be caused by problems with the vents or filters, another thing our experts can identify and fix.

Another major thing to watch out for with home heating systems are Carbon Monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that is impossible to detect as it has no smell, taste, or appearance. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can cause seriously damaging health problems, and is fatal over time. Your home should have a functioning CO2 detector, and its batteries should be checked regularly.

If you have a gas furnace that is over 10 years old, there is a higher risk for Carbon Monoxide leaks. The gas may leak out through cracks in the furnace, which can sometimes be hard to see. If you have an older heating system that you are concerned about, our experts can inspect, repair, or replace it.